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How difficult is it to find some local restaurants that are perfect for all your friends? If you often argue about which restaurant to choose, why not try us? We are The Toasted Barrel and we have something on our menu for everyone, even the pickiest of eaters. Whether you want to have a nice brunch or a dinner, our staff is excited to serve you with the best food and drinks. You can finally have a place where every single one of your friends is happy. Take a look at our website at: and stop by later today. 

How much do you have to save if you want to eat outside the house in a nice restaurant? If you have to save a lot of money for this simple thing, you need to reconsider your choice in restaurants. At The Toasted Barrel, you will not have to spend half your paycheck just for one day of fun. Anyone should be able to afford to eat some delicious food cooked by a talented chef. Choose us for your next brunch and let us spoil your taste buds. If you are nearby in Ontario, CA, we are excited to have you as our special guests. You can even stop by if you are just driving through the area and want to enjoy a delicious meal. You will not find any other better local restaurants.

Our menu contains enough variation to please any craving you might have. Don't be shy to communicate with our staff and tell them exactly how you like your food. Making you happy is more than just our duty. It is our pleasure. If you have a few moments today, why not stop by and have an amazing time? If you come from Ontario, CA, Corona, Eastvale, and Riverside it will take you minutes to find us.

Reach Us Today

Phone:  (951) 737-9463



Monday: Closed

Tues-Thursday: 4pm-9pm

Friday & Sat: 4pm-10pm

Sunday: 9:30am-9pm

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